Speaking Engagements, Publications and Patents

Speaking engagements, conferences, and media releases 

2015 Learn to Build Scribot With Dr. Karl Wendt-  Boulder Mini Maker Faire!

2015 Panel discussion: How can we inspire creativity in the 21st century classroom? 

2014 Teaching Science with Robotics - Deeper Learning Conference 

2013 Discovery Lab - Intel and Khan Academy 

2013 Why Makers Rule in Edu - SXSW

2013 EdSurge, Khan Academy and Karl Wendt - SXSW 

2013 Teaching STEM with DIY Robots - EdSurge 

2012 The Harvard Crimson - Today in Photos 

2012 Discover Create Advance - EdSurge and Maker Faire 

2012 Teacher Innovation, Making, and Underwater Mood Robots -Ed Upgrade

2012 Wendt, Precisely - Harvard's Ed. Magazine 

2012 Managing Innovation in 21st Century Classrooms - Harvard Business School

2012 Will technology disrupt the way we learn? - Aspen Ideas Festival 

2012 Making the Classroom of the Future - EdCrunch

2012 Discover Create Advance and Maker Faire - EdSurge 

2012 Ed.L.D. & Bit-zee Bot- Ed.L.D. Speaks 

2012 Maker Education Initiative- The Tech Museum  

2011 Discover Create Advance - Harvard's Ed. Magazine 

2011 Harvard's Ed.LD. Fundraising - Harvard's Ed. Magazine

2010 Tech Know - BBC- British Broadcasting Corporation 

2009 Autobots in Action -Unboxed Journal of Adult Learning 

2008 21st Century Skills Culture at High Tech High - Pearson Education Foundation 

2008 An Article of Faith - Unboxed Journal of Adult Learning 

U.S Patents 

US Patent D517253
US Patent D473684
US Patent 7410228 
US Patent 6595223 
US Patent D474866
US Patent D481179
US Patent 488594
US Patent 0237,051
US Patent 6,827,225