Scribot Project Details

Scribot is a robot specifically designed to teach problem solving, 
programming, engineering and ART. Scribot BETA USB will be 
available in early 2015. 

    1. Part names and functions
    2. Safety   
    3. Review basic circuits, motors and batteries 
    4. Build Scribot  

    5. Load and run sample code 
    6. Modify code and calibrate bot 
    7. Identify key components of code and write your own loop
    8. Take the star challenge 
    9. Take the flag challenge 

Content and communication 
    10. Practice presentation/demo and present

DCA's 5 Rs 
Respect others 
Responsibility - take ownership of our actions
Resilience - try again when things do not work out as planned 
Resourcefulness - look for innovative ways to solve problems 
Reach - go beyond expectations to produce excellence and provide leadership

Photon Learning Activities and Learning Modules 
Day 1. Scribot Build  
Day 2. Scribot Code
Day 3. Scribot Present