Meet Scooter, a super simple line-following robot. Scooter requires no soldering, computers, software or special tools to build. He is made almost entirely of items that can be found in your desk or at any grocery store. He can be programmed with tape and popsicle sticks. 

He can be used to teach: 
-Analogue programming 
-Design thinking 
-Problem solving 
-Electricity and magnetism
-Motors and much more! 

Can you use every day objects to help scooter win the following challenges?  

1. Climb an incline 
2. Go super fast
3. Follow a path around several objects
4. Run backwards 
5. Deliver a note to your friend on the other side of the room 
6. Spin in circles 
7. Run through a narrow gauntlet
8. Or develop your own challenges