Introducing DCA's 
Photon, the highly configurable low-cost robot that can 
teach you to innovate and problem solve using principles of engineering. 
Photon adds a bread board and LED eyes to the popular 
Beetle bot design configuration. 

DCA's 5 Rs 
Respect - We respect others 
Responsibility - We take ownership of our actions
Resilience - We try again when things do not work out as planned 
Resourcefulness - We look for innovative ways to solve problems 
Reach - We go beyond expectations to produce excellence and provide leadership

Photon Learning Activities and Learning Modules 
Day 1. The Origin of Matter 
Day 5. Build Photon
Day 6. Modify your Photon to win an innovation challenge 
Day 7. Test/refine innovation challenge Photon and take our assessment
Day 8. Compete in the innovation challenge and present your Photon!

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