Karl Wendt, Ed.L.D.

Founder and Director

The design thinking I learned with my father by building things in 
the garage as a kid turned out to be highly valuable in industry. 
I started DCA because I believe that student directed applied learning 
experiences are a fundamentally better way to teach and learn. 
I believe we learn best by doing. 

Jeff Dyer

Volunteer - Lead computer science contributor and software creator

Jeff is the founder and principal developer of Art Compiler. He is 
passionate about using code to express meaning outside the computer. 
He is sharing his knowledge of programming by contributing the code 
that gives Scribot its unique capabilities. He is currently developing code 
that will allow Scribot to run infinitely long code loops and improving 
the wifi functionality.  

Rueben Banalagay
Volunteer - Computer science contributor and instructor 

Rueben tests DCA projects, creates code, and co-leads our after 
school programs. Rueben is an electrical engineering graduate 
student at Vanderbilt University. In addition to his current work in 
precise GPS positioning, his previous research background and 
interests include robotics, machine learning, signal/image 
processing, and all things code

Mason Foote 
Volunteer - Project contributor and instructor

Mason is an undergraduate student at Belmont University, pursuing a 
bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship as well as a minor in education. Mason 
is passionate about creating learning environments that inspire and empower 
students to construct their own knowledge by harnessing the power of their 
natural curiosity. More specifically, he is researching the work of 
Dr. Sugata Mitra and self-organized learning environments (SOLE) and 
trying to study how this structure may help the development of noncognitive 
skills students need for academic and long-term success. He volunteers with 
DCA, bringing experience in building, fixing, designing and tinkering 
with various electronics around the house as a child.


Addisu Taddese
Volunteer - Robotics contributor and instructor 

Addisu Taddese is a PhD student at Vanderbilt University in Electrical Engineering
with a research focused on using robots for medical applications. He has had 
experience both on the hardware and software side of robotics -- building robots
from scratch as well as writing high level software for autonomous operation. 
He believes robots open up the world of engineering to more people and are 
an effective and fun way to learn programming. Addisu is working with our 
after school robotics program students. 

Ashley Pineda, Ph.D. 
Volunteer - Editor and Interaction contributor 

Ashley is a clinical psychologist. She has been supporting DCA from 
its inception. Her tireless efforts have given us great insight into how 
our products function and how students of various abilities and learning 
styles interact with our products and programs. 

Michael Goldstein 
Volunteer - Computer science contributor 

Michael is an awesome contributor to the DCA team. Michael modified 
the code for Scribot at Hack Nashville 6. He is working on a unique code                           library that makes learning C a snap. He has worked for Xelex Digital as a 
technical support specialist and HCA as an Associate Application Engineer.  
He is also currently completing his Masters degree in business at 
Vanderbilt University.