Electronic Components

Explore parts and materials 
Brushed DC 1.5-3v motors 
    Stamped housing (zinc plated steel) 
    End cap (ABS plastic)
    Bearings (brass and steel)
    Axle (chrome plated steel)
    Field windings (copper magnet wire)
    Field winding core (soft iron) 
    Brushes (carbon)  
    Brush springs (copper)
    Communicator (copper with plastic insulator)  
    Permeant magnets (ceramic with ferrite powder)  
    Magnet spring clamp (spring steel)  
    Motor poles  (iron, copper, and plastic)  

Diode - a component that controls the flow of electricity 
    LEDs - a component that controls the flow of electricity and emits light (Epoxy,                     chrome plated steel, gallium arsenide phosphide for red LEDs others vary based             on color) 
    Flyback diode -a component that controls the flow of electricity to protect parts of a                 circuit from current generated by stopping or changing the direction of a motor or             inductive load (doped silicon with tin alloy leads)

Breadboard/prototyping board - a device that can be used to create a variety of circuits using wires and electronic components 
    Plastic frame (ABS)
    Spring connectors (nickel plated steel) 

Double AA battery holder - a device that holds two batteries and connects them in series doubling the output voltage from 1.5 to 3 volts 
    Plastic housing (ABS) 
    Spring (Chrome plated spring steel)
    Wire connection rivets (steel) 

AA Cell - a device that stores electricity  

Wire - conducts electricity  
    22AWG insulated wire (Copper) 

Switches - control the flow of electricity 
    Single pole double throw lever switch (SPDT)
    Single pole double throw sliding switch (SPDT)

Shrink wrap- insulates wires (Rubber) 

Hot glue -Holds parts together (ethylene vinyl acetateresin, wax, and any assortment of polyamides, polyethylenes, polyester or polypropolenes)

Steal chrome plated paper clip (18 AWG chrome plated steel) 

Bottle cap -a cover that prevents liquid from spilling on top of a bottle (ABS plastic)

Permeant Magnet - a material that exhibits an attractive or repulsive force to ferris objects (steel, nickel, iron or rare earth materials) 

Electro Magnet - a set of materials that exhibit an attractive or repulsive force when energized with electricity (steel, copper, lacquer insulator, iron or rare earth materials) 

    1/4 watt resistor (carbon film) 

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